Monday, 30 April 2012

Z Is For Zombies

OK so this post is slightly cheating given that I have already covered this in a Random Thought at the beginning of the year...

But I wanted to elaborate on that post.

So I discovered that in the UK there is a place you can go to... Zombie Boot Camp. Where you are trained up to fight zombies... so you will be prepared when the zombie apocalypse comes.

In my random thought I said that there were two probable scenarios if I took part in this.

1. We would discover that I was incredibly good at it. At the end of the day I would emerge triumphant from the mass of bodies. My kills marked in blood on my face kind of like Predator on Predator Vs Alien. Or done in a tally up my arm or something.


And it would be concluded that I would have been fantastic in the armed forces.

Which would not be good given that the zombies are actually actors and you are using paintball guns, so I would have battered them to death - I'd probably get carted away by the police for that.

Or scenario number 2:

2. Everybody would have a fantastically brilliant day. They'd all really enjoy themselves. Oh how the paint would fly!
Then after it was all over everyone would be gathered together for a debrief.

"Is everyone here?" *speaker looks around* "Where's Chippy? Has anyone seen Chippy?"

They'd all start hunting high and low for me. wondering if I'd been injured or taken ill.

"Shush everyone. Can you hear that? What is it?"

And then they would find me in a cupboard curled up in the foetal position whimpering about zombies coming to get me.

So these two scenarios end with me either in prison or psychologically scarred... so maybe I should give it a miss.

P.S. My local paintball centre actually has someone who dresses up as Predator - he has a more powerful gun and shoots you if he sees you move.


Francene Stanley said...

Zombie Boot Camp is somewhere I don't want to go. My zimmer frame would get clogged up with paint. Hehe.

Phil said...

Zombie boot camp sounds like great fun.