Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y is For You've Got Mail & Yes Man

I was just going to go with You've Got Mail for this post... but then I thought I'd include Yes Man too... for those who are not fans of rom coms.

You've Got Mail is my favourite rom com. The only word I can ever think to describe it is lovely. Plain and simple. Basically two people fall in love online... but it turns out they can't stand each other in real life... but they don't realise that they know each other online... if that makes sense.

You've Got Mail is a remake of The Shop Around The Corner - a modernisation as email is used instead of handwritten letters.

Some people will argue until they are blue in the face that The Shop Around The Corner is better than You've Got Mail... but I prefer the latter.

Now I was going to post a clip of my favourite part of You've Got Mail... however that part is right at the end of the film and if you haven't seen it... well I don't want to spoil it for you. So here is the trailer to wet your appetite.

So on to Yes Man. It is a very funny film. It is Jim Carrey back to his best (Fun With Dick And Jane was... crap to put it bluntly).

The story is very simple - a guy starts saying 'yes' to everything. And Zooey Deschanel is in it as well! I think Zooey is adorable and I love her in New Girl.

Now I was going to post a clip of the Red Bull scene here... but it would seem that you can't embed the YouTube clips that are both decent and in English. There were embeddable, decent clips in French, Italian, Czech and Spanish. And there were embeddable, poor quality clips in English. But I couldn't find any that were good quality and in English... that I could actually post here.

So you'll have to make do with the trailer...

Only one more A To Z post to go until the 2012 challenge is complete...


Lynn Proctor said...

i didn't like you've got mail as much as their other movies, but it was good--i mean how wrong can you go with meg and tom!

Maria said...

Meg and Tom rock! Great movie...not seen Yes Man, but will now seek it out.

Good post.

The Rambling Pages said...

Both are great films, I love Jim carey - so funny! Stopping by to say Hi from the A-Z Challenge