Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P Is For Pirate

A blatant excuse to put up photos of Johnny Depp :)

And as though I don't spoil you enough here are 25 of Captain Jack Sparrow's quotes (I didn't count them so if it turns out there are more or less than 25 don't blame me... and clearly you weren't enjoying the video enough if you were counting).

P.S. Next year Johnny Depp will be fifty - clearly he sold his soul to the devil at some point... cos he doesn't look nearly fifty... maybe I'm just biased...


Rosalind Adam said...

*sigh* Just spent a glorious 4.45 minutes not working. Thanks for sharing.
A to Z of Nostalgia

Lynn Proctor said...

love him---thanks

Valerie Sloan said...

I love Johnny Depp! -drool-

Anonymous said...

Any excuse to put pics of Johnny Depp and quotes from Captain Jack Sparrow on a blog is a good one by me. He's utterly yummy.

lizy-expat-writer said...

He is just so sexy as Jack Sparrow! My son does a wonderful look-alike act for any dressing-up occasion. In fact, he's so good that I thought your photo was my John!