Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U Is For Umbrella

I hate windy weather.

I don't mind the rain, I don't mind the snow. But I hate it when it is windy.

Wind is the arch nemesis of the umbrella... and I've been through quite a few.

Numerous black umbrellas, a purple one and one with butterflies all over it - all lost to the wind. All ripped to shreds. You think you have found one that can withstand it. You feel the wind trying to prise it out of your grasp. The wind blows it inside out. But it seems to withstand all that is thrown at it. But it is not to be. Something snaps in the end.

There are only three that haven't succumbed to the wind.

One such umbrella was black with big multi-coloured raindrops on it. I put it in my bag when I was going to an airshow just in case (I always like to be prepared) and I've never seen it since. It must have fallen out of my bag or something.

Then there was a the black glittery umbrella... don't know where it went. It must have realised it's fate and done a runner before the wind could get it.

My current umbrella is this one:

It's a grey and off white damask pattern and the reason it has survived is because it rarely gets used. I now walk home from work and go prepared with waterproof coat and trousers in bag.

So the umbrella is only there for brief windless showers during the summer months.

So who knows when my umbrella and the wind will next do battle!


Lynn Proctor said...

i think there are so many cute ones--but i can never find mine, unless it's not raining--cute post

mauz said...

I kept losing all my compact fold up umbrellas to my daughters, so I replaced them with the large, long non compact kind. That worked. For a while.