Thursday, 5 April 2012

E Is For Elephant

Just a short post today.

Is it just me or are the pink elephants on Dumbo creepy?


Lynn Proctor said...

haha maybe a little :)

Debbie McConnell said...

I wonder why more elephants aren't flying? HA!! Well yes they are a bit creepy

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Michelle said...

Super creepy!

Tracy said...

whoa that's frightening...I was about o say I almost wrote about this topic for today but Not like that!
but it is a good E word!

The Golden Eagle said...

I never liked that part of Dumbo. I have good memories of the movie, but really, the pink elephants are disturbing.

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Cat said...

Personally, I've always found all Disney movies creepy and these pink elephants are no exception. I did like the mouse though. If you notice the mice are always the coolest in these movies.

Jennifer Cluff said...

LOL - sure has been a long time since I've watched Dumbo - don't even remember them!! :)
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Nicole said...

Well, no, they didn't seem so creepy....until you mentioned it! Now I'm looking at them and going "hmmmm" lol.

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sue b said...


Rana said...

yes they are indeed a little creepy.......!!