Monday, 23 April 2012

T Is For Tea

I like to drink tea. Apart from the occasional mocha I don't like to drink coffee. And even then I prefer it when it is more chocolate then coffee.

I do like the smell of coffee though... but anyway back to tea.

I've tried various types of tea...

  • Green - not overly keen. I can drink the 'lighter' version of it... but I have to drink it while it is really hot. The second it starts to go cold it becomes too bitter - I will literally gag. I've also tried flavoured green teas - jasmine, apple (I swear the jasmine made my hay fever worse).
  • White - it's OK... better than trying to drink green anyway
  • Vanilla Chai tea - unusual to start with when you are used to everyday tea but not unpleasant in flavour.
  • Chocolate Puerh tea - again unusual but not bad - I was drawn to the 'chocolate' bit
  • Peppermint - this tea doesn't seem to taste of anything to me - it has an after taste. Like I had just brushed my teeth. But this is another tea when I have to drink it really hot.
  • Lemon and Ginger - this was another one of those where it doesn't seem to taste of anything but has an after taste
But I always come back to black tea - milk no sugar.


My uncle can drink his tea practically straight out of the kettle - I swear he has an asbestos throat.

I find that I can only drink tea when it is that hot when I'm ill... don't know why.

It drives me up the wall though when people ask me how I have my tea. I say no sugar to which their response is 'because you're sweet enough'.

I've got a keyring that says 'I only look sweet and innocent' on it - maybe I should show that to them in future?


Lynn Proctor said...

i love tea--but usually drink coffee--i find i like black the best also--but in the fall, i start to try others--loved you t post

Helen Baggott said...

I adore camomile tea!

I also drink black coffee too. A lot of it!

Sandra Tyler said...

I'm a deep and devoted coffee drinker, but if I drink tea I would go for the plain old dark stuff. Though the white tea intrigues me... haven't heard of that one.

Liz said...

I had to get used to herbal tea when I became allergic to milk. I started off with peppermint (get a good brand, Clipper or Pukka) and when I began to enjoy it I branched out into Pukka Detox (I so love licorice). now i can drink anything, almost! I particularly LOVE the Sleep one from Clipper, I wish i could drink it all day, but being quite a fall-asleep person anyway I've deemed that too risky.

Now my son - he is a herbal tea fanatic. Also a health freak. He is in to something called organic Gynostemma pentaphyllum tea. I know. Really freaky. He's nineteen. worrying isn't it? What's he going to have left when he's my age? Also, he like Gunshot green tea. Or something. We had some with hi the other day ans that wasn't too bad. Apparently the former one will cure of anything, even if you haven't got it. And the latter clears your veins and arteries. Consequently he felt his father should drink lots, and his father agreed and has bought quite lot, which is sitting staring at me darkly from the kitchen side this very minute.

Ah well, guess I'll learn to like it soon!

glitteandrainbows said...

Mmm tea! Love it. Love coffee so much too. My favorite kinds of tea are English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast black teas, and green tea. I agree, green tea must be drunk quickly whilst hot and not steeped too long or it will be bitter.
Happy A to Z!

CathyE said...

I, too, love black tea and enjoyed your post...I almost wrote about tea myself!