Thursday, 19 April 2012

Q Is For QI

I like QI.

QI is a British panel show where you get points for being quite interesting (which is what QI stands for).

It is hosted by Stephen Fry... always has Alan Davies as a guest... and has at least three other celebrity guests... usually comedians or comedy actors of some type (but not always).

I think the basic premise of QI is that everything you think you know is b*llocks. Stephen asks a question, someone comes out with the obvious answer which is wrong and they lose points for it. The obvious answer is not always the correct one (occasionally it is though).

And they have unusual buzzers!

Some people don't like QI and I think that's because they don't understand it. To me QI is not about who wins or how you score points... it is funny and interesting.

It entertains you whilst at the same time it teaches you something... without you consciously knowing it most of the time.

I love this clip about who had the first driving licence...

And here are a couple more to keep you entertained (and maybe you'll learn something from them as well).


Lynn Proctor said...

yeah looks very funny--thanks

M. J. Joachim said...

Now that's what I call a QI blog post! Stopping by from the A - Z Challenge...cheers!

mauz said...

Really enjoyed this post. Lked revisiting highlights from one of my favourite shows.