Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D Is For Dolly Cool

Now my regular readers may or may not remember that wwwwaaaaayyyyyy back in November I posted that I had been to the Whitby Goth Weekend.

And anyone who read that post may or may not remember me mentioning that I had bought some jewellery from Dolly Cool that I would blog about before the end of the year. *blushes*

So I'm a couple of months (four to be exact!) late on that deadline - but better late than never.

So I bought some jewellery from Dolly Cool... and her jewellery is very cool. She has a blog and an online shop.

I bought two necklaces from her which I will now show you:

I wore the second necklace to the Christmas party for where I work and I got quite a few compliments on it - it is quite unusual... and very cool.

Dolly Cool makes a lot of different types of jewellery so do go and have a look at her shop via the link above.


Melissa Bradley said...

I love these pieces! Thank you for sharing and now I have to go check them out. :)

Bev said...

I especially love the one with the birds. Stopping in via the A-Z blogging challenge. Good luck with the rest of your posts.

Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

Lynn Proctor said...

love the green one esp. the birds!

Lost Star said...

Beautiful pieces! :D

Jenn said...

I do like both pieces but especially the bottom one!!

Here from the A to Z Challenge-- nice to meet you!

Cheers, Jenn

Adrienne said...

These are very unique. I'll make sure to stop by their shop.

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Hi, I am making the rounds of the A to Z Challenge! The love/hate necklace is difinitely ... well, cool. Theme: A World of Crime

Jessica L. Foster said...

The bird one is very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

Awesome jewelry. Thanks for the post.