Tuesday, 5 April 2011

D is For... Dolly's Bags!

Yes I have had another delivery from Dolly!

This was my third order from Dolly's Bags - I love her bags as you should be able to tell from my posts on my first and second deliveries. If you don't know about Dolly's Bags already, it is a US company where 'Dolly' hand makes all the bags herself, in a variety of retro fabrics.

I was going to post sooner about this delivery but then I decided to save it for my 'D' post.

The first item that I ordered was the 'City' bag. Which is a cute mid sized shoulder bag. I got it in the fabric 'Rat Pack'. Isn't the fabric cool? Yes it is a bit much with the hounds tooth tissue paper - but the tissue paper's cool too!

The second item I ordered was actually for my sister - she liked the bags that I have and wanted one for herself so I treated her. She decided that she wanted a cosmetics bag... even though she doesn't wear make up.

But she couldn't decide which fabric to go for so I picked it and left it as a surprise.
I can't remember now whether this is a 'large' cosmetics bag or just a cosmetics bag without getting a tape measure out.

My sister likes baking so that is why I chose the cupcake fabric for her. This is another reason why I didn't write this post sooner as I didn't know where she had put the bag so I couldn't photograph it.

My third and fourth items were the same item just made in different fabrics.
They are called 'Rosie Scarves'. Dolly made them as they are easier to tie around your head than a normal scarf. A normal scarf needs folding and tying which can be fiddly whereas a Rosie scarf just needs tying. Simple!

And I love cherry print!

So that concludes the post for 'D'  some of delightfully delicious Dolly's Bags! :-)


The Words Crafter said...

Those are so cute!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful post and such pretty dolly bags.


KO: The Insect Collector said...

All so cute!!!

Tori Cooper said...

Love it! Will have to check that site out... thanks for sharing! -Tori