Friday, 29 April 2011

Y is For... YouTube

I decided for my Y post that I would tell you some of my favourite people on Youtube.
Now it took me a while... as I had to narrow it down from about thirty to a handful.

So here, in no particular order, are five of my favourite Youtubers. And then there are a couple more at the end that I feel that I had to mention.

First up is... Kandee Johnson.

Kandee's great. She does videos on make-up looks of all kinds - everyday make-up and costume looks - reviews, hair styles etc. She does all of this and she appears to be a really great mother to her kids.
She is also one of the really nice make-up 'gurus' that attracts 'haters' like I mentioned in my M is For... Moron post.

The next YouTube channel that I'm sharing with you is... The Joker Blogs. These are cool! Basically they are 'sessions' with the Joker whilst he is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. The people who made these videos are currently making commentaries for each video.

The video below is the first video in the series... however it isn't the original pilot episode - they remade it once they got going.

Next up is Lisa Freemont Street. Another YouTuber who balances her videos with raising her family. She specialises in vintage/retro hairstyles and make-up. This also includes some videos where she creates looks inspired by vintage/retro cartoon e.g. Wilma Flintstone, Tinkerbell, Cinderella.

This is her Brigitte Bardot look.

Now this is the last YouTuber that I'm going to post a video for and then the rest will just be special mentions - I don't want this post to be too long!

So this last video is by Secret Life of a Bio Nerd. She makes videos about all sorts of things - make-up, hairstyles, skincare, making clothes.
This video is the first part of a two part video she made about making fabric flowers to embellish... whatever you want to embellish.

Special Mentions!!!

So here is a list of just a handful of Youtubers that I thought I ought to mention - there are loads more out there that I could also list - but you want to go to bed at some point don't you? You don't want to be reading this blog post for the rest of your life do you?

  • Lilith Moon - Mainly hair tutorials - she's really nice, you can't help but like her!

  • Miss Budget Beauty - in a year she has made about 400 videos... and I am not over exaggerating. They are a mix of make-up tutorials and reviews of various hair/make-up/skincare products.

  • Torrin Paige - Mainly hair tutorials (but she does other videos too) and her hair is really, really long. Just had to point that out... although you could have probably worked that out by watching one of her hair tutorials!

  • Panacea81 - also known as Lauren Luke - she is the first make-up 'guru' whose videos I started subscribing to. Again she is really nice and she has done so well. She started out just doing make-up tutorials after she got requests. And now she has her own make-up range, a make-up book, she's been on TV, been to the USA. And you can't help but be happy for her. Well some of the miseries out there might not be happy - and Lauren is another YouTuber unlucky enough to get haters lurking around her videos.

  • Sparkling Minx - and finally... I had to include this YouTuber because I would have been in big trouble if I didn't... she does baking tutorials... and she is my sister!

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I just adore looking on You Tube,
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