Saturday, 16 April 2011

N is For... Nails

I decided to have a go at painting my nails recently in the retro/Dita Von teese style that has been seen recently.

It is based on the way women painted their nails in the 1940s - the half moon was left bare.

However the modern take on the 1940s nail involves painting the half moon in a contrasting colour as seen on Dita Von Teese.

Now as you can see the usual practice is to paint the half moon white and the rest of the nail red.

However given the random nature and colour of my blog I decided to put my own twist on this trend.

So my nails are painted in two different shades of PURPLE!

Now my nails are far from perfect however I think that they aren't bad for a first attempt - hopefully practice will make perfect.

My left hand is neater than my right but that is because I am right handed - and even when I paint my nails one colour the left is always neater than the right.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

They look good although it's awful when one hand appears to you to look better than the other, yet no-one else notices,

Yvonne. said...

what a neat way to paint - almost a reverse french manicure... I agree with pp - I can't tell the difference :)
Stopping by from the LBS tea party
Heather from Acting Balanced

Anonymous said...

Just hopped over from LBSTP - those nails are super cute. i really wish I could paint nails but they always come out wrong on me :( Although I am tempted to try this out... said...

Popping in from Lady Blogger.

I like the half moon. Very hip.

I shall try this. xx

Leanne said...

Cool . . . cool . . . coolest! Stopping by from Lady Bloggers, and I LOVE this look! Dare I try it myself? Nope - I don't think I can pull it off. But I admire you, for sure!