Tuesday, 12 April 2011

J is for... Just

I don't know why but I have recently developed a dislike of the word 'just'.

Not in it's adjective form - when you are just in something or something is deemed to be just.

Not like that - I don't like the word just as an adverb - I was just doing this or it was just like that. He was just this, that or the other

I don't know why I have developed this dislike - but it does come with its pros and cons.

I have realised that I use the word 'just' as adverb quite a lot when I'm writing - I still do. That is a problem when you suddenly can't stand the word.

On the plus side this does mean that whenever I feel myself typing/writing the word 'just', I stop. I think about what I want to say and either think of a different word to use, or delete it altogether.

 I hate the adverb 'just'. That's *just* the way it is. (ARGGHHHH!!!!)


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Stange how some words irritate us, I don't like the word can't.
Enjoyed the post.


Ellie said...

LOL. I hate the word basically!

Ellie Garratt