Saturday, 11 September 2010

Another Delivery From Dolly!

A few months I posted about some handmade bags I bought from Dungaree Dolly - The Wonderful World of Dolly's Bags

Well I couldn't resist for long so just over a month ago I ordered some more. And here they are:

Item Number 1

The first item I ordered this time round was the bag known as the 'Perfect Purse', which is a lovely sized bag.
It took me absolutely ages for me to decide which fabric to get this bag in. In the end I settled for owl print fabric, and I'm glad I did. This fabric is absolutely adorable, even better in real life than I thought it would be. And the bag itself is a lot roomier than it first looks- a bit like the TARDIS, only on a smaller scale!

Isn't it cute?

Item Number 2

Now for my for my second item I knew which fabric I wanted but wasn't sure which bag to have it made with. Decisions, decisions. The fabric I wanted was onyx damask.

In the end I decided to get a 'mini bag', which you can use as a clutch or to put bits and pieces in your handbag in, so they are easier to find.

Item Number 3

Now item number 3 was a little different this time. I decided to get the family dog a new collar, her old collar was getting a little worn, and in my and my sister's opinions we didn't think it quite suited the dog's personality [my brother had bought her a black collar with metal studs in it].

So then we started a minor argument on which fabric to get. We wanted one of the ones with paw prints and it ended with a 2-1 vote for the dog bones fabric, which has paw prints and bones on it. There are loads of fabrics to choose from, and four different sizes - all adjustable - and we got our dog the medium size. Dolly also makes dog leads...and aprons!

So here is the collar, modelled by the lovely Sophie - who is my adorable greyhound.

I had to chase her half way round the house to get a decent photograph of her and her collar. She doesn't seem to like having her picture taken! I think she's a bit shy...much like me. Well they say dogs end up like their owners, or is it that owners end up like their dogs?

And so another Dolly review comes to an end...I use my previous Dolly items all the time. However with summer at an end I think the sunglasses case will be taking a break fo a while.

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