Monday, 18 April 2011

O is For... Oil

Oil is good for lots of things, but I'm going to talk about the two different types of oil that I use on my hair... well my scalp.

For many years I suffered with a dry, itchy scalp - it didn't seem to be quite the same as dandruff but it was just as irritating.

I used various shampoos that were designed for dandruff and/or dry itchy scalp. They all seemed to work to begin with but I'd still end up with an itchy scalp a day later (I try to wash my hair every other day). Some of them seemed to be a little harsh on my skin

So I tried looking up other ways to treat my scalp and I found one - oil.

Now I use two different types of oil - jojoba and coconut.

Now the coconut oil I only use if I have time - I rub some in to my scalp about 20-30 minutes before I'm going to wash my hair as a sort of pre-conditioner - then just shampoo as normal. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil - it is usually better quality if it is a) organic and b) at least virgin if not extra virgin.

If I don't have time to do this then I just mix a couple of drops of jojoba oil in to my shampoo - make sure you rinse well though otherwise it makes your hair go... funny - it's difficult to describe - it's not quite greasy but it looks as though something is amiss.

You don't have to use an awful lot of either oil though - so although my bottle of jojoba oil cost me about £10 it is lasting me some time - I've had the bottle in the photo for about six months or so and there is still a lot left.

So anyway ever since I started using these two natural remedies my scalp hardly itches at all - it does occasionally but doesn't everyone's head itch from time to time?

This also means that I can use other types of shampoo - ones that are more suited to my hair than anti dandruff shampoos.

The wonder of nature!

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