Wednesday, 27 April 2011

W is For... Writing

Writing. Something that I should be doing right now but I'm not.

If you visit my other blog - The Life of Writing, specifically this post - you will see that it has been a bit of a struggle lately - and I can't completely blame the A to Z blogfest for this - it's not the blogfest's fault, although it is a welcome distraction.

I can sometimes tell when the writing mood is upon me because I start writing 'write' instead of 'right'. Unfortunately of late it has been the other way round.
But I am once again inspired to write - I'm getting all geared up for the beginning of May when (hopefully) I will start writing once again.

I have short stories to write, a novel to edit, my imagination is revving up in anticipation.

I'm getting organised, I'm getting serious. Here I come ready or not...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I think we all get a bit disgoranised at times , glad things are getting back to normal for you,
Yvonne. said...

The best counsel I've ever had about writing was this:


Keep going, girl.