Friday, 15 April 2011

M is For... Morons


A moron is defined as someone who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgement.

It's a term that I tend to use to refer to people that I see doing something very stupid. I am now going to give you three examples of what I see as moronic behaviour.

1. Buses - these morons tend to be schoolchildren. They stand at the bus stop waiting for the school bus to arrive. The normal non school bus pulls up. Picks up the non schoolchildren and prepares to pull away from the bus stop. And a lot of the time there will be a child who feels that they have to wait until  the bus doors close and then press the emergency button on the outside of the bus. So the doors open again.
Why? I can't understand why anyone would want to do that. It's dangerous for the people on the bus and the idiot on the outside of the bus. Although the other day I did see a girl stopping a boy from doing this - one up for the anti moron party!  

2. Email scams - granted I don't actually see these people. But I have received these emails. I get them supposedly from various banks that I don't have an account with, supposedly HMRC and even a share company (I must be going up in the world if I'm getting fake share companies trying to scam money out of me).
Again why? Your life must be pathetic for you to sit there making up emails to send out to people to try and illegally part people with their money. Or even worse unleash a virus on their computers.
Some of these idiots can't even spell! I once received an email supposedly from my bank about a 'possible account theft'. Only they had put 'posibile'... 

3. Haters - I have only ever come across these on Youtube but I have to say that they are morons. If they thought about it they would realise that they are in fact making themselves look like complete idiots. They tend to hang around the make-up 'gurus' (and usually the ones that are actually really nice in their videos), leaving hateful and nasty comments.
So let me get this straight. You hate this person so much that you sit and watch their videos just so you can say something nasty about their hair, make-up, face, family etc.
Their lives must be so empty to do something like that. What is the point? If I do not like someone on Youtube I do something astonishing... I don't watch their videos - I know it's extreme isn't it?

Maybe it's just me - maybe I'm the moron for thinking that the above behaviour is ridiculous and stupid.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Loved your rant.
I have a moron living in the apartment above me. No nice at all.


Leslie said...

So many morons, so little time. I could add my own groups.

1) People at the post office. Who need to address and pack 10 boxes, buy novelty stamps, and have 5 children running about.
2) People who get to class late, go out for 20 min to get food and come back and leave early?
3) People who can't bear to be in the wrong lane and their car ends up sideways preventing both lanes from moving.
4) People on cell phones. All of them. Even me.

Leanne said...

Totally love the moron list. I have one of my own to add . . . the numb nut who smokes a cigarette while pumping gas. Moron both for smoking, and for doing it while near GASOLINE!!!!! BIG TIME moron! (Ok, sorry . . . I had a little rant there, myself!) ;)