Friday, 22 April 2011

S is For... Sewing

Sometimes I will buy clothes, whether they be brand new or second hand, knowing that I will need to adjust them to make them fit properly.

I also will keep clothes that have lost buttons or got holes in and fix them. However I recently decided to sort through my pile of sewing that I need to do and ended up with three piles.

The first of which isn't that bad.

The first pile of sewing is the items that I need to fix/adjust for my sister.

Only three things in that pile - two tops that need some elastic adding to them and a dress that needs altering.

This is the point where it gets a little scary!

The second pile of clothes I have consists of items that only need minor adjustments - sew up a hole, turn up trouser legs etc. Minor stuff.

Since I took this photo this pile of clothes has shrunk a little - it is now minus two dresses, a pair of trousers and a jumper which I have adjusted/fixed. But the pile is still fairly big in comparison with the pile of my sister's clothes.

But then there is the final pile!

This is the pile of clothes that need something major doing to them - a major over haul - jeans beoming skirts, taking clothes in and shortening them. More complicated sewing.

There are several dresses in this pile of clothes that need various things doing to them... and they have been there quite some months.

So I am declaring war on my piles of sewing - I will get it all done!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Alas I am not good with a needle and thread, I can knit but sewing is not one of my fortes.
Most enjoyable post and pleasurable to read.

Sarah McCabe said...

I love to sew but I hate repairing things. My husband always assumes I want to fix his stupid clothes just because I can sew. I've got this pair of shorts of his with a broken zipper sitting on my sewing table and I have no idea how to replace a zipper in a finished pair of shorts. Sigh.