Friday, 1 April 2011

A is For... Another Word For Introduction!

So we are off to a flying start aren't we? 'A is for another word for introduction'?!?!

I thought I'd try and be clever and just use a word for introduction beginning with 'A' and then just use this post to introduce the blogfest.

But when I looked up the word 'introduction' in a thesaurus there weren't all that many synonyms beginning with 'A'. And the few there were did not really fit - addition, admittance, awakening... they just don't sound right in this context.

But I'm introducing this anyway...

The A to Z blogfest has begun - ding, ding, round one! It is being hosted by Arlee over on the blog Tossing it Out. Well, due to there being over 700 people signed up for this blogfest there are several other bloggers who are helping to host - a list of which you can find on the aforementioned blog - Tossing It Out.

And all you have to do... Ha! I say all you have to do as though it is that simple! Anyway all you have to do is write a post each day in April (except Sundays) using the letter of the day as the theme.

So my first entry is loosely based on 'A' - as you can see from above it is very loosely based on the letter 'A'.

I'm hoping that some of my other posts through out the blogfest will have a less tenuous link than this one. They will be a mixture of posts on things I like, things that irritate me, and there are a few random bits and pieces thrown in there for good luck!

Be aware that my random quotes will still be posted and although they will be loosely based on the letter of the day there will be another post that day.

See you tomorrow - you will probably be sick of me by the end of April! :-)


Alison Stevens said...

See you around the Challenge! :)
Alison Pearce Stevens

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A great start to the challenge I enjoyed the read very much,.......and will be back.


Dafeenah said...

Well when you think about it, you introduced Arlee from the A-z challenge that is in April. So there are a lot of words for introduction lol

Stopping by from the Challenge!

Sylvia van Bruggen said...

What a lovely start to the blogfest!

Do think your page needs something! Awards!

I award you with the stylish blogger award. Go pick it up over here:

:) see you at b c d etcetera!

Chippy said...

Thank you Sylvia! :)

Angela Felsted said...

Good luck coming up with the rest of your letters. Are you excited to read over 1000 blogs?

Missy said...

Nice to meet ya chippy!

Laura Howard said...

This post is atypical!!! Lol

Traci said...

My sister just told me about this same challenge hosted by tossing it out. I'll have to try it next time around.