Monday, 21 April 2014

R Is For...

My theme for the A To Z Challenge 2014 is things I’ve learnt from movies. Some are serious, some are silly. And some I was clutching at straws.
I’ve tried to find clips of said movies where possible. So if I couldn’t find a clip and you haven’t seen the movie… well you’ll have to take my word for it.

Basic plot:

Two women get into a lot of trouble when they go to their high school reunion and lie about their lives after twelfth grade.

What I learnt from this movie is something that would come in handy whilst we are at school but is something that we don't really learn until after school.

Basically in this movie Romy and Michele's school days were made hell by one of the popular girls, who they were always trying to get to like them. They continue to try to impress her at their high school reunion by lying about their lives. And towards the end of the film they realise that they shouldn't care what the girl thinks.

And their confrontation of her is awesome - it is the sort of thing that you wish you could go and say to everyone who has ever made your life a misery and yet you still tried to get them to like you.

If they don't like you that is their loss, not yours.

(this movie is rated 15 in the UK and there is one use of the F word in it... and the word b*tch)


Tara Tyler R said...

i love every movie you have chosen, tho i only went back thru n - and especially like that you picked the marx brothers!
yay for romy & michelle!
happy r day!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Never seen it but it sure sound good.

Stop in from A to Z challenge.

Coffee is on

Jo said...

Not a movie that appeals to me.