Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I Finally Cracked It!

For a few years now I have been unable to French braid my hair. It always went catastrophically wrong. And then I got frustrated and gave up.

But I have finally been able to French braid my hair with the help of Torrin Paige on Youtube. You may remember me giving her a special mention in my Y is For... Youtube post back in April.

So anyway I love her videos... whatever they are about. I love her hair tutorials, her nail tutorials, her vlogs. She always makes me smile.

So I watched her video on how to French braid and now... I can French braid as well!

However I did lose concentration the first time I tried it after watching this video and ended up with half a French braid and half a Dutch braid!

Which is no mean feat I must say. I had no idea where I'd gone wrong until I watched the Dutch braid video and watched the French braid video again!

For those who don't know a Dutch braid is also know as an inside out French braid - so you can probably understand my confusion when I ended up with a hairstyle that was half of one and half of another.

I really like her. But if you don't like hair, nails, enchiladas, books and various other things she probably will be of no interest to you. But don't go over to Youtube and leave nasty comments like the haters out there or you will be branded a category 3 moron!


Sierra said...

Oh gosh, that makes it seem so simple! Must practise!

Patricia Iles said...

I'd just like to have enough hair TO french braid! Or pony tail. Or.... shoot. :-(

Fun post, though!