Monday, 13 June 2011

The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic Clothes Horse

Or welcome to Diabetes Week!

I actually thought that Diabetes Week started today until 19th June... I was wrong it started yesterday until the 18th.

Oh well, better late than never.

I'm not 100% sure if this is an international event or just associated with Diabetes UK but anyway...

I actually chose a H G Wells quote for today's random quote because Wells was one of the original founding members of Diabetes UK (when it was British Diabetes Association... or Foundation... or something lie that).

As my worshippers followers might already know (because I have mentioned/referred to it before) I have Diabetes. More specifically Type 1 or insulin dependent Diabetes.

Which basically means the part of my pancreas that used to produce insulin decided to attack itself resulting in the insulin factory being closed down and me having to ship it in from external sources.

But I haven't written this post to talk about my diabetes... well not in medical terms anyway.

The description underneath my blog title announces to all that I am a shopaholic. I especially like buying clothes, shoes, handbags, make-up and books.

Now out of those five it is the first three that are affected by me having Diabetes.

But Chippy how on earth can having diabetes effect your handbag.

Ah yes it's a good question. Diabetes effects my handbag because I have to think in advance - am I going to need to test my blood whilst I'm out? Or take my insulin? Yes. Well then that little clutch bag is going to be no good is it? Can't fit a blood testing meter and an insulin pen in there no matter how hard you try.

Ok so what if I just take the insulin pen - that will fit.

Hmm. Ok just the insulin pen... but make sure you test your blood before you leave the house.

Ok diabetes conscience I will.

STOP! Where do you think you are going Chippy?

I'm just going to work diabetes conscience... I've got my meter and my insulin. I checked... twice.

But do you have any glucose tablets in that there bag?

Erm. I think so, but do I really need to take them with me they taste awful.

Never mind arguing just make sure you have got some.


Your choice of shoes can also be affected by diabetes. From the second you are diagnosed members of the medical profession drill in to you how important it is to look after your feet. Because if you develop Diabetic neuropathy you might not notice if you get a blister or a cut on one of your feet. And then it would get infected and worse case scenario you lose your leg... then your shoes would be useless.

But I want to wear these heels to work... what was the point in me buying them if I can't wear them.

Not my problem Chippy. Wear flat shoes. You know you'll be walking home and those shoes will rip your feet apart in that time.

Well what if I wear the heels to work but take my trainers to walk home in.

Well... I don't know... I suppose that would be ok.

And if they do rub I can use one of those blister plasters...

You know as well as I do Chippy you shouldn't use them it probably says on the packet somewhere that diabetics shouldn't use them.

That's just the company covering their tracks in case my foot falls off or something - then I can't sue them. I'm sure I'll be fine. My diabetes is well controlled. I won't tell if you won't diabetes conscience.

Ok I give in. Wear your heels Chippy!



So me and my conscience have a lot to talk about on a daily basis as you can see. Although my 'diabetes conscience' doesn't tend to pipe up when I'm choosing clothes. Oh no.

That's when my practicality alarm goes off instead.

Chippy, you inject your insulin in to your stomach... how can you inject through a dress. And it's the middle of winter - you'd better wrap up warm. Add some more layers - vests, slips, tights. Let's see your needle get through that lot. 

QUIET!!! It's my wardrobe and I will wear whatever I like! I will overcome these problems I will adapt. If it means taking another pair of shoes to work with me so be it.

If it means having to go to the toilet every time I want to take insulin to avoid hoiking up my dress in the office who cares? (Actually I have my own office so I just listen carefully for anyone approaching whilst hoiking my dress up - see I have developed a good sense of hearing for this very purpose).

And given the amount of chocolate I eat, especially for a diabetic, that would mean a lot of trips to the toilet. Or a lot of physical activity (which with the nature of my job, lugging files around all day, is a good excuse for more chocolate).

Are you still with me? Good. I thought you may have fallen asleep by now... your fingers may be straying dangerously close to the 'X' at the top of the page so I think I'll wind up now.

It's Diabetes Week this week - in association with Diabetes UK - there are approx 2.8 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with diabetes but about 850,000 people in the UK have diabetes but don't know it... yet.

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CarolB said...

I sympathise Chippy. I too have the handbag and clothes dilemma- my handbags could fit in a kitchen sink.
If you go out for a meal you need a two piece outfit so you can do your injection- gone are the days of going to the ladies loo out of sight of squeemish people.
Then the shoes- I had my hospital check-up recently and the Registrar who was seeing me mentioned my shoes. Now I don't wear thin high heels (I'd break my neck, leg, whatever, I'd break it)I actually wear wide fitting rounded toe court shoes with a wide 2 and a bit inch heels, yet this Dr. suggested I wear flat shoes.
I pointed out that I do wear flatter clogs at home so my leg muscles get stretched. Fortunately he relented and accepted that for the moment...
35 years of injections and I'm still here, just about in working order, so I must be doing something right.
As long as you apply common sense to vunerable areas, it shouldn't have to interfere in your choices.:-)