Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Random Thought #26 - It's Not Just Me Then

You find out some random things about people when life goes a little bit pear shaped.

*WARNING! The following sentence may cause you to become confused and you may have to read it several times to understand it.*

Last Friday morning was a particularly uneventful morning because of an event that occurred which stopped other events occurring. Do you understand?

No? Try reading it again... still nothing?

Well last Friday the aforementioned event was a power cut. You realise just how much you depend on computers when there is a power cut.

So I spent two and a half hours on Friday morning trying to find non technology based things that you can do in the dark whilst at work.

So a very dull and boring two and a half hours followed.

Anyway back to the whole 'it's not just me' part of this random thought. Sometime before the power cut I read on Jen Daiker's blog Unedited that she hates speaking to people on the phone - the same applies to me.

Then, during the power cut, one of colleagues confessed that if an 'unknown' number calls his mobile phone he won't answer it. I do that too. If I don't recognise the number and I'm not expecting a call I will not answer it. I hate being called anyway. I like to prepare when making phone calls, what I'm going to say etc. so someone calling me throws that out the window and I have to wing it.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I don't like answering unknown numbers on my mobile phone.


cherie said...

I'm with you--I don't answer unknown phone callers. Same with answering the front door--if I'm not expecting anyone and someone knocks, I hardly answer. If it's someone I know, then they're most likely to call me first because they already know my door policy. I just don't want opening my door to strangers or solicitors.