Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Blogfest Alert!

I come bearing news of another blogfest!

This one is hosted by Jolene on her blog. It is the 'Loving The Language Blogfest' which you can sign up for by clicking here.

Before I sign up what's it about? I hear you cry.

Well all you have to do is, on 27th June:

"Pick any five lines (yes, it can be a few short lines that roll together. That's okay, and is probably what I'll do) from one of your WIPs. If you're feeling shy, and don't want to share from your own work, share from something you LOVE.

All you have to do is sign up below (so we can share in your language love) and on June 27th (a dreaded Monday post) you can toss up some of your favorite lines - you know - the ones that make you want to jump up from your computer and raise your hands in the air when you get them down, or the ones that make you laugh, smile, or cry each time you read them."

I have to admit I am one of the shy people... I will be posting from something else. Not only am I shy but my WIP is in a state not fit for anyones eyes other than my own. And even then I sometimes don't want to look at it (I can't believe some of the crap I wrote - but it was NaNoWriMo and it was about quantity not quality).

Anyway that is why it is posted on this blog as opposed to my writing blog as my entry is unlikely to include any of my own writing.

But I have just the book/lines in mind...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Sounds interesting will have to give this one a think.


Stephanie said...

I'll jump at this one. I can't wait to read everyone's lines. It will take quite a while to pick my own.