Monday, 6 June 2011

It's All Fun and Games Blogfest - Today!!

Today is the day of the It's All Fun and Games Blogfest hosted by Alex J Cavanagh.

All you have to do is name your three favourite games and why - they can be any kind of games - board, drinking, video etc.

So in no particular order here are my three favourite games:

1) 13 Dead End Drive - this game was kind of like a slightly complicated version of Cluedo (or Clue in the US).
Basically there is some inheritance up for grabs. You only know who your own characters are (and try not to give away who yours are) and you have to do one of three things to win.
The first is to kill everyone else off using the traps on the board e.g. drop the chandelier on them. You can also win if you can escape the house whilst your character's portrait is in the frame. And the last way to win is to have your character's portrait in the frame when the detective (yes there is a detective) gets to the front door.
Simple really! I haven't played it in a while (I think my sister has it hidden somewhere) but it was a really fun game... if a little fiddly to set up.

2) Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games DS - I do like the Winter version of this game as well but I like the original the best.
You get to take part in various Olympic events as your favourite Mario and Sonic characters... not just the heroes but the villains as well!
It is a lot of fun and in some events it takes quite some coordination and timing.

3) FrontierVille - this is a computer game where you basically build up your frontier. It is playable on some social networking sites. And I find that I can't actually visit Facebook without stopping by to see how my frontier is doing. As in to clear out the weeds, clear out the withered crops that I forgot to harvest and stare at the array of half built buildings that cover quite a bit of my land.
But I can't play on FrontierVille as much as I used to. If I go on Facebook with my laptop plugged in it overheats and switches itself off. So I have until the battery runs out to play.

On a completely different subject I thought I would just point out that today is the 67th anniversary of D-Day or the Normandy Landings as they are also known.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Another reason not to get hooked on Facebook! 13Dead End Drive sounds fun though.
Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

Kittie Howard said...

Hi, I'm dropping in from the fest and am your latest follower. Nice to meet you! I dropped FB because it ate up too much time. I'm sometimes sorry -- we'll see....

The Golden Eagle said...

13 Dead End Drive sounds like a fun game!

Thank you for the reminder of D-Day. I hadn't remembered.

Tim Brannan said...

13 Dead End Drive sounds like fun! I don't know if I have ever seen it before.

M Pax said...

I need to check out Dead End Drive. That sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I knew a lot of games. Wow. Never heard of these, but they sound like fun! Think I will look at Frontierville, and hope not to get addicted.

Thanks for the reminder about D-Day, as well.

Pleased to meet ya!

cherie said...

Hi Chippy! *waves

Those are cool games. I haven't played Mario for a looong time but I love it. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

13 Dead End Drive sounds awesome! Would love to play it.

K.C. Woolf said...

13 Dead End Drive sounds like great fun! :-)

baygirl32 said...

13 dead end drive, I haven't played that in forever!

Reid Kemper said...

I love Clue (U.S. version). I haven't played the DS game, but I have "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games" for the Wii.