Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Y Is For...

Welcome to the A To Z Challenge 2015.

My theme this year is music. Specifically music that I listen to at least fairly regularly and that falls in to these categories:

D - Can't help but dance to it
P - Panicked
S - Can't help but sing to it
S/C - Strikes a chord with me (no pun intended)
W - Wildcard

When it some to the “strikes a chord” category, I don't necessary relate or connect to that song but it still send a bit of shiver through me to listen to it. And I couldn't think of a way to describe all of that in one short phrase... so strikes a chord it is.


You've Got A Friend In Me - Michael Buble - S/C

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J Lenni Dorner said...

Stopping by from the #atozchallenge 2015! Don't forget our after party. The Reflections Linky List will open on Monday May 4th.
Great post. Toy Story!!! I'm following you on your listed social media sites. That New Author Challenge 2015 looks interesting. I've been reading several books with authors who are "new to me" this year.
J @JLenniDorner