Friday, 16 March 2012

Why I Don't Go On Facebook Much

Okay so I personally do not have a problem with Facebook. Granted all I ever did on Facebook was play games... constantly. And come up with fairly random status' via Status Shuffle... and wish people Happy Birthday.

But I haven't been on Facebook since October last year.

Why I hear you say?

Because my laptop and Facebook do not get on at all. If I go on Facebook and my laptop is plugged in then my laptop will overheat and close down. The first warning of which is the screen goes black... by which time it's too late to do anything about it. And that is even if I go on Facebook for a couple of minutes.

Why don't you just unplug your laptop, you ask?

Because Facebook also drains my laptop battery - which then require me to plug it back in and that results in the whole overheating problem again.

But I don't really miss Facebook... I feel a bit left out when there are competitions that involve Facebook... but then again I feel the same way about Twitter competitions as I don't have a Twitter account.

I'm guessing that my timeline will look a bit empty! (I read about the whole soon to be compulsory timeline thing - haven't actually seen it yet).

I don't think my laptop and Facebook will ever kiss and make-up though. And when choosing between the two I chose my laptop.

(And to anyone who suggests I go on Facebook at work - we were banned ages ago! Not surprisingly)

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