Friday, 19 July 2013

How To Almost Destroy A Hat

Yes, you read the title right... I almost destroyed a hat. I was trying to make it a better shape and almost ruined it in the process.

I decided that rather than the same purple baseball cap I've been wearing for almost the last decade this summer I would try something a little different. I decided on a straw trilby but got a cheap one as I wasn't sure if it would actually suit me... and trying to work things like that out in the actual shop is difficult - especially when you have to wander around trying to find a mirror.

But anyway here is the hat...

This was actually after I had almost ruined it. Let me explain.

When I first got it the brim was floppier than you see in the photo. I tried reshaping it using steam and hot water etc. but it didn't really shape it as much as I had hoped.

Then after much fiddling I discovered where the plastic 'string' running around the brim was joined and promptly broke it (as in I broke the join apart).

I tried melting it back together and only succeeded in ruining a couple of small alligator clips I was using to hold the plastic together.

I the end I used a combination of sewing thread and PVA glue to fasten it back together, as you may be able to see in this photo...

How NOT to reshape a hat

So after that I redecorated it by changing the band. I sifted through my ribbon collection and came up with an old denim belt and some lace.

Which I then sewed together and created a band...

And then I simply put it on the hat and tacked it over the top of the old band.


And now for a bit of modelling...

Excuse the sunglasses indoors but as we established I can't take a regular photo without my eyes ending up closed. So the options are: miserable, stupid or I have to cover my eyes with sunglasses.

What almost-disastrous-DIYs-but-it-turned-out-well-in-the-end have you had?

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