Friday, 31 May 2013

Shopping & Charity Shops

I like shopping... if you look at my blog header it declares that I'm a shopaholic.

I'm not a bad shopaholic, I'm not greatly in debt to shopping (In fact I have no debt to shopping only to student loans).

And when I inevitably end up with things I no longer like or want. Or things I can't turn in to something new or sell on eBay, I donate them to charity.

But I don't often do the other way round - I can't think of anything currently in my wardrobe that I got from a charity shop.

I come across blogs every so often declaring charity shops to be fantastic and just look at whatever treasure they found in their local.

Well I must live in the wrong area because a lot of what is in the charity shops near where I live leaves a lot to be desired. (Although I've never come across anything I've donated.)

Retro Chick posted earlier this year a guide to charity shop shopping. And although I read it at the time I might need to study it further as clearly I'm not looking in charity shops properly.

The only treasures (to me any way) that I find tend to be on Etsy... or the aforementioned eBay.


SparklingMinx said...

Ah Etsy, such a wonderful place. Really strange thing though, I was just writing a post to put up not only about about Etsy stuff but the main thing I said at the end was... treasures! Spooky? Or just a sister thing, we shall see!

Sandy Campbell said...

I love to look around those shops, but anymore...not so good. When I lived in Palm Springs, really good shops, here in Hemet, nothing!! So...I hear ya!

Retro Chick said...

I really think the secret to charity shopping is going in regularly and going in a lot of them! You might go in 4 shops one day and find nothing, then the same 4 shops the next week and find one thing but it'll be amazing!