Friday, 17 May 2013

Lest We Forget

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Operation Chastise or as it is more commonly known the Dambusters.

Due to a family tie to the RAF and a large family interest in World War II aircraft and military history I have also developed an interest in this area.

My main interests are D-Day and the deception operations however I love to see the aircraft flying (both World War II and modern) and specifically the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

The Lancaster Bomber is a very majestic aeroplane, as are the Spitfire and Hurricane that usually accompany it during the Memorial Flight.

Every year my family and I like to visit the air show at RAF Waddington where the Memorial Flight is one of the main attractions (along with the Red Arrows and the Vulcan Bomber - which may soon have to be retired again unless you have a ridiculous amount of money to give to the restoration fund). And yes we will be going again this year.

The Lancaster Bomber doesn't really need a commentary which is why I chose this video from the Dambusters' 65th anniversary. If you don't want to see the short introduction skip ahead to 0.30. 

I was going to post my own photographs of the bomber flying but blogger decided it didn't like them and wouldn't upload them properly. But the video below has a short slide show which you can look at whilst listening to The Dambusters March.

So this is my tribute to 617 Squadron (who are still in operation today - the Tornado jets in the first video are in that squadron) and the Dambusters raid all those years ago.

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Zoe Byrd said...

Its amazing what these people went through. My dad was 19 (his birthday was june 6) when he was shot on the beach in Normandy. He told an amazing story of the whole event.