Friday, 8 March 2013

The Evolution Of A Vorpal Blade

There's just over a week to go until the Birmingham MCM and it is update time cosplay wise.


All I've really got to do now to complete my Alice costume is make the bow for the back of my apron and finish putting my buckles on elastic for the boots.

So today I thought I'd show you how my vorpal blade evolved from some foam board, newspaper and glue in to the finished article.

Stage 1

Stage 2

It appears that my phone doesn't like my duvet cover!
Stage 3

Blogger decided it wanted this photo portrait instead of landscape
Stage 4

Blogger didn't like the orientation of this one either
So as you can see from this sideways photo my pendant, vorpal blade and the skull for the middle of my bow are all complete. All made with a mixture of foam board, cardboard, newspaper, glue, acrylic paint and on the blade/handle permanent marker. The pattern on the handle of the knife isn't as vibrant as I'd like - for some reason the glue made it fade... but it didn't on the blade itself - weird!

Hopefully this time next week I should have the full costume finished... if not I'm in trouble!


Jo said...

It wasn't Alice who had the vorpal blade it was in the Jabberwocky poem, originally that is. The movie was an adaptation of the original story.

Chippy said...

Aah but this is the Alice: Madness Returns video game version.

She's very different (read strange) from the original story and various movie versions - her weapons include the vorpal blade, the pepper mill, the teapot cannon and the hobby horse.

Madeline Tran said...

Can you please tell me the steps of how you made it including materials? I'd like to make one and it'd really help me with the detailing and creation of the vorpal blade for my cosplay.

Chippy said...

@ Madeline Tran

Rather than put the instructions in the comments I've written a blog post on how I made the vorpal blade - it's on my other blog:

I hope you find it helpful