Friday, 22 March 2013

Down The Rabbit Hole

So last week end me and my sister went to the Birmingham MCM cosplaying as two versions of Alice from the video game Alice: Madness Returns.

It was a lot busier than it was last year - it was absolutely packed! And we kept getting stopped by people wanting to take our photo - so there are pictures of me who knows where on the internet now!

So I thought I'd share some of my own photos.

My sister!

Alien Vs Predator... and a random man
There were actually two Darth Vaders
There were loads of people dressed up as all sorts of things. And we found another Alice! My sister got a photograph of us together :)

In fact my sister got a lot more photographs than me - she's much more comfortable with walking up to someone, prodding them in the arm and asking for a photograph.

I kind of took them as and when I could. 

So some of the angles aren't the best as I wasn't really asking people to pose for said photographs.

They're off to see the Wizard... with a random man in tow!
That's my sister's arm on the left.

Like I said my sister took a lot more photographs - and she has even made a video slide show of them.

So go to her blog - The Novice Cosplayer - and check them out!


Jo said...

Some friends go to something similar in North Carolina. Never done anything like that myself. Looks fun.


SparklingMinx said...

The Alices! Even though I was one of them I thought I would say it seeing as someone else kept saying it to us, maybe next time we might be able to get through our unch without having to stop for a photo =)

Valerie said...

Great costumes!! I loved the Alice game so much!! What a fun time you had. I would love to cosplay!! I'll have to get on that.