Friday, 9 November 2012

Random Thought #44 - What Is With All This Spam?

I never used to get spam on this blog (or my other blog come to that).

But just before the A To Z Challenge started up this year I decided to make it easier for people to comment by letting anyone comment (included those who wish to remain anonymous) and removing the word verification thing.

And within the first week I had spam appearing in my inbox.

But it was only like a spam comment a week.

But in the last couple of weeks I'm getting spam comments nearly everyday - usually with some websites listed where I can either get a virus for my computer or buy something that may or may not be fake.

The only spam I like comes in a tin!

Update 16/11/12 - I'm currently getting about a dozen spam comments a day! A DAY! So I am currently getting all emails that alert me to comments sent to my junk mail folder. And then each day I have a quick scroll through the new ones to see if there are any legitimate comments.

So if you leave a comment anonymously (and you are not a spammer) I might not notice for a while

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