Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloweeny Nails

Well it would seem that all of my posts this week have had a Halloweeny feel to them in one way or another so I thought I might as well see out the week in spooky style.

Now eagle eyes readers of this blog may have noticed the title and be saying:

But Chippy you said you weren't going to buy any more nail varnish for a while!

That is true - I did post a couple of weeks ago that I had placed a ban on myself when it came to buying nail varnish and lip balm but what I used for this nail art I've had for quite a while anyway.

It was kind of difficult getting the flash just right so you could see the actual pattern - but I have recently discovered the 'macro' setting on my camera otherwise this picture would be very very out of focus. But if you can see past the flash you can see that my nails are silver with black spider webs on them. And you will also see that I didn't do them myself.

No I used the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I don't know if you can still get this particular design anymore as I got these from a discount make up shop. I saw these and just had to get them - and in the shop in question they were only £2.99!

So they were easyish to put on. Peeling them off the backing paper was a bit precarious - you know how tape loves to stick to itself? Well if you are not careful these will do the same. You get 16 in a box, which are split in to 2 packets.

The instructions say once you open them you have to use them or throw them away because they will dry out otherwise. However I got around wasting most of a packet by only opening one and then cutting a couple of strips in half to use on more than one nail (that works best on your shorter nails). This also means that I can do my nails like this again sometime in the future.

They were a little fiddly at first but I got the hang of it... eventually. And as they are supposed to be 'real nail polish' I put a top coat over them.

So endeth the Halloween festivities - next stop Christmas! (unless you are in the US and then it's Thanksgiving)

(actually I tell a lie - in the UK we have Bonfire Night coming up on 5th November... but then it's Christmas!)

Update 16/11/12 - these lasted about six days before they started chipping. On the seventh day I got fed up of the edges that were lifting up catching in my hair so I removed them. A word to the wise the spider web bits are a bit like glitter polish - a pain to remove!

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