Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Oh Blogging Hell!

I felt a little stressed earlier today. I have recently become more active in the world of blogging - to the point that I noticed that I am currently following eighty blogs, a lot of which I have discovered in the past two to three weeks.

It does appear to be my current obsession - first came Youtube where I watched endless videos on how to do my hair, my make-up, how to make clothes etc. Of which I have probably had a go at about 15-20%.

Then there was Facebook where I sat and incessantly played games until I became mind numbingly bored - my computer solved this problem though - if my laptop is plugged in and I stay on Facebook for too long my laptop overheats and shuts down.

Then there was Etsy, which I will explain a little more about in a future post. But I basically spent loads of my time trawling through things I'd love to buy but couldn't afford, items I was waiting until payday to get, and items that I wouldn't want in a million years.

And now I'm hooked on blogging... which was supposed to be a bit of fun but I got minorly stressed out by it today when I wanted to take part in half a million things, for which I'd need three and a half dozen blog posts and I'd have to join Twitter... which would probably end my blogging addiction but then I'd be a Twitterholic instead! I have to keep telling myself that 'I don't have to take part in EVERYTHING!'

So I thought I'd wish you [and myself] some Happys:

Happy International Women's Day - for which I will cheat slightly and redirect you to someone who has put a little more effort than me in to their post - I give you CarolB at Carol's Corner - you should go and see this... Daniel Craig is involved! ;-)

Happy Shrove Tuesday... or as I know it Happy Pancake Day! And very nice my pancakes were too... even if they did come ready made and covered in ice cream.

Happy The Day After My 11th Diabetes Diagnosis Anniversary - try saying that when you've had a few!

And Happy Penultimate Work Day... for me anyway - I'm at work tomorrow and then I'm free for the rest of the week! YAY!

I think that covers just about everything. Just remember don't let blogging stress you out.


Patsy said...

I don't get stressed about it, but I agree blogging is a bit addictive.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head, Chippy! Blogging (& especially keeping up with all the other blogs that abound) is extremely time consuming. It's so easy to waste a lot of writing time by going round leaving comments like this...

Leah said...

You are so right-blogging should not be one more thing that stresses us out. It should be something fun that we enjoy doing. Happy Blogging!
-Stopping by from Red Writing Hood

Karen Peterson said...

Blogging does take up a whole lot of time. I've got myself into a pretty decent schedule now, but there was a time when it started to stress me right out.

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

have fun.
when it stops being fun move on :)

Galit Breen said...

It's so easy to get sucked into all of this stuff, isn't it? Thanks for the happy- always nice to see!