Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Random (Extended) Thought #20 - Rules of Horror

I was recently watching trailers for new movies that are coming out soon. I came across the trailer for 'Scream 4' which is due out this year.

I had heard before now that they were making a fourth Scream film therefore bumping the trilogy up to a quadrilogy.

Now here is where my 'random thoguht' comes in, and if you haven't seen any of the Scream films, specifically the second and third films I am about to spoil them ever so slightly for you.

Anyway in the first Scream the character 'Randy', who is a horror film fanatic, tells everyone the 'rules' that you have to follow to survive a horror movie. In the second film he lays down the rules for sequels. Then in the third film the main characters find a video tape with a message from Randy on it which tells them the rules of trilogies. Now in that message he clearly says that the rules of trilogies and sequels are very different.

So in the third film it followed the rules for the trilogy...but now what? They've made a fourth film. So the film that made it a trilogy should now be classed as another the rules that the third film followed were technically incorrect.

And what about this fourth installment? Will another tape surface. Or will Randy have nothing to do with it now that they have ruined his theory? On the poster it says 'New Decade. New Rules.'  but are they just throwing the rules to one side to cash in on the franchise?

But there is one question yet to be answered...well two questions.

1. Will the fourth film be any good?

and in keeping with the quadrilogy.

2. What's your favourite scary movie? :-)

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