Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Weekend

Every time I have an extended weekend coming up I imagine all the things I can get done. These tasks don't actually get done, and I find myself returning to work with everything still to do.

I have got tomorrow off work, making my weekend this week not two but three days long, and I am going to attempt [yet again] to get something done.

Whilst reading the blog of artist, writer and illustrator Jackie Morris, Drawing a Line in Time, I saw that she regularly puts a 'to do' list in her blogs and then checks off the the items on the list that she manages to complete.

So as encouragement to get me to actually complete a task I have decided to a similar list. Having a list of things I haven't done displayed for all to see might actually encourage me to achieve some of them.

So my list of things to do this weekend includes:
  1. Write a letter to my doctor [so I don't have to spend the next week on the phone trying to make contact with them].
  2. Complete proof-reading exercise.
  3. Start writing number one of my fairy tale ideas, into an actual story.
  4. Start writing number two of my fairy tale ideas, into an actual story.
  5. Continue research for novel.
  6. Take something from my pile of clothes to customise/adjust and customise/adjust it [it must not return to the pile to count as an achievement].
  7. Practice putting false eyelashes on [another hobby of mine, make-up, I've had the eyelashes for weeks and done nothing with them yet].
  8. Eat some chocolate. ;)
Okay, so number eight is only there so I can definitely guarantee that I can cross something off the list by the end of the weekend.

We shall reconvene on Monday to find out what, if anything other than number eight, I have completed.

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jenny wilson said...

wow a busy weekend