Monday, 19 April 2010

I Love a Good To-Do List

I love crossing items off a to-do list.

So Monday is here, and it's time to take a look at my to-do list from my post on Thursday. What did I manage to cross off?

  1. Write a letter to my doctor.
  2. Complete proof-reading exercise.
  3. Start writing number one of my fairy tale ideas, into an actual story.
  4. Start writing number two of my fairy tale ideas, into an actual story.
  5. Continue research for novel.
  6. Take something from my pile of clothes to customise/adjust and customise/adjust it.
  7. Practice putting false eyelashes on.
  8. Eat some chocolate. ;)
Number eight was naturally the first item to be crossed off the list. :) With regards to item number three I have a beginning and an ending to the story...just need to bridge the gap in the middle now.

Items number four and six may have been completed had some new things suddenly been thrown into the mix:

    9. Fix a broken ornament that I didn't break but got lumbered with anyway.
   10. Washing-up

So new item number nine is almost complete if I can get the bits to stick back together slightly more solidly. And as for number ten...well the washing-up has long since piled back up.

And a couple of items that, although  not on the list, were accomplished today:
    11. Ordered a couple of books to help with my research.
    12. Decided to change one of the two main characters in my novel.

So overall, not a bad weekend's work.

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