Friday, 30 May 2014

Joining The Dark Side

Now some people would say I have joined the dark side... others would say that I've seen the light.

I got myself a Kindle.

It's a refurbished Kindle Touch... which is one of the reasons I got it - I saw a deal (better than 1/2 price) on Amazon and thought 'why not?' I originally got Kindle software on my laptop so I could read short stories that you can only get as a ebook. But I don't really like reading ebooks on my laptop.

Now I haven't fully gone over the dark side (or fully seen the light, depending on your point of view). I still intend to buy hard copies of books by my favourite authors (in fact I have some pre-ordered already). And sometimes (somehow) the ebook version is more expensive than the hard copy.

My only problem now is that before, when all I had was hard copy I had an excuse not to buy them all - room (and money). But now I can hold them all in the palm of my hand (literally).

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