Friday, 27 December 2013

Random Thought #53 - Lipstick & Soup Don't Mix

This time last week I was at my work Christmas party.

Actually that's not strictly true, it was an afternoon event (started at 12.30pm) so at this time I was preparing to vomit as I had drunk too much in a very short space of time (normally I pace myself a bit better).

But anyway before heading out I had put on make-up including lipstick. It was a reddish lipstick that wasn't too dark but I wanted the lipstick to last so not only was I using a lipstick that claimed to be long lasting but I also used lip liner, blotted and applied powder in order to make it last.

One bowl of soup later and I don't know why I'd bothered with lipstick - every time I put the spoon back in to the bowl a thin line of lipstick appeared in my soup.

It even took the lip liner off. In the past I've used lip liner so it wouldn't be as noticeable when the lipstick wore off.

So it was either my lip liner and 'long lasting' lipstick aren't worth **** or potato and leek are actually fantastic make-up removers.

I don't fancy testing the latter theory by using soup on my eye make-up so maybe I'll just go with the former theory - what do you think?

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