Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Party Nails

As you are reading this I may be preparing to go to my work Christmas party. Or I may be at it... or I may be recovering from it.

Or you may be reading this way off in to the future when I've forgotten about the Christmas party and am preparing for the next one.

Anyway I thought I'd share how I painted my nails for this party.

I used Fantasy Makers by Wet N' Wild in 'Rest In Pieces' as a base. I found it in a discount store and I just had to have it (I also got a glow in the dark top coat that is the same brand - yes it does look like a headstone). As far as I can tell it's black with pinky purple glitter in it - you can't see it very well in the photo.

I put some samples of this on a piece of paper and painted various glitters over it (but I can't show you as I appear to have thrown it away).

But in the end I decided to put this over the top...

To me it looks like Christmas lights in a bottle. It looks better in real life - the photo doesn't do it justice.

It's Barry M but as far as I can tell it is limited edition to Boots - I bought in the last month or so, so they may have some left - you never know.

And this is what they look like together...

This is as good a photo as I could take of my nails - I took several!

My nails look cool but I foresee some trouble getting the glitter back off again - looks like I'll be using the tin foil method of nail polish removal.

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Jo said...

Fun. Never paint my nails any more they are too brittle and snap and break all the damned time.