Friday, 29 November 2013

Random Thought #51 - A Rhetorical Question About Sandwiches

 Yes I have a rhetorical question about sandwiches.

And not just any sandwiches - store bought sandwiches.

Why do they have to put so much lettuce (or in some cases spinach) in the sandwiches they sell?

I don't know why I'm asking cos I know the answer - to make money.

If they didn't put so much of the green stuff in there then they would either have to put in more whatever else which would cost more to produce (usually meat... or cheese... or something else more expensive than lettuce or spinach).

Or they would have to make the sandwich (or wrap, let's not forget about wraps) smaller and then they'd either not sell or they'd have to lower the price.

Unless of course you go to Subway or somewhere similar... but then that's made while you are stood there and not in a factory somewhere.


Jo said...

This must be an English thing, but then I don't buy sandwiches other than Subway anyway. Where do you buy sandwiches in the UK? To me, being an expat, Subway are not sandwiches, they are delicious, but not sandwiches.

Crystal Collier said...

LOL! Now you've got me hungry. I'm off to make a sandwich with TOO much cheese. =)

SparklingMinx said...

There's nothing wrong with too much lettuce! :D but then again if I go t o buy a sandwich, if there is a subway in sight, I have to go there! (especially my local one, they know our order now!)

Chippy said...

@Jo - I buy sandwiches from Boots, Sainsburys, Tesco - supermarkets usually.

Sometimes I go to Greggs and Cooplands which are similar to Subway (they sell cakes as well :) ).

A sandwich to me is bread with some sort of filling - whether that be sliced bread, a roll/bap, a baguette or a submarine roll. So to me Subway make sandwiches.

Chippy said...

@SparklingMinx - you'd be happy with just the lettuce and no bread! :)

Jo said...

Funny, to me a sandwich is two slices of flat bread, not buns, or rolls. Old fashioned way of thinking I suppose but....

SparklingMinx said...

This is very true about me, hand me an iceberg lettuce anysay... and cucumber :)
For me, as long as it has some form or bread wrapped around it, it's a sandwich! I had this confusion at work once, I asked for a egg sandwich in a bap and they didn't understand why I worded it that way, why not an egg bap, it's what happens when you change counties, they can't understand the yorkshire ways :)