Friday, 1 November 2013

Random Thought #50 - Comments

Yes today's random thought is about comments.

But I'm not talking about comments on a blog. No I'm ranting talking about the comment boxes on surveys.

You know you use a store card or buy something online and they want to know what you think - fair enough they want feedback.

And some feedback/surveys are simple - you put what you want to put and they say 'thanks for taking the time to leave feedback'.

In some surveys you get those comment boxes that ask you why you said what you said or ask if you have any comments.

And sometimes I don't know what to put... so I leave that bit blank and try to move on to the next bit.

But in some surveys you can't do that - you have to put something in that box or you can't move on.

And that irritates me... to the point that in one such survey I put in the comment box that I found such comment boxes annoying. Now I just put a full stop.

But it looks as though that won't be enough soon. 

I recently went to leave feedback for a product I had bought. And I just wanted to leave some standard feedback - something along the lines of 'as described, quick delivery'.

But I was informed that that wasn't enough - they wanted more. And I almost left them a scathing comment on how my original feedback wasn't good enough for them. But it wasn't the seller's fault it was the host website's fault.

 Comment boxes annoy me... end of rant.

  (please feel free to comment :) )

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