Friday, 6 September 2013

The Return Of Dolly

It's been a while since I posted about something I had bought from Dungaree Dolly's.

Truth be told it's a few months now since I last ordered and I've only just got around to posting about it.

So the reason I took so long to post was partly because part of my order was for my sister... and I gave it her without taking a photo first.

But I did manage to get a photo of it... about 2 months ago... my bad.

So without further ado...

Cosmetic Bag

I had previously bought my sister a cosmetic bag and when I was deciding what to order I asked if she wanted something getting. She opted for another cosmetic bag (even though she doesn't use cosmetics). And like last time I got to surprise her with the fabric choice.

I just love how there are random skulls with bows on this fabric... it is very my sister.

Change Purse

Everyone should have something in some kind of animal print...

Large Tote Bag

This bag is huge!

I could probably live in it. (tiny exaggeration there)

When I first went browsing I knew I had to have something in this fabric... the photograph does not do justice to how bright the colours are.

There are other bags that I've got my eye on... but I may have to have a sort through my other bags first (non Dungaree Dolly bags you understand).


Maurice Mitchell said...

I'm not into purses (obviously) but those are cool! I never noticed the skull bow until you pointed it out.

SparklingMinx said...

I may not wear cosmetics, but I do keep my psp in it =)