Friday, 20 September 2013

I Went A Little Crazy

A few weeks ago now I was wandering through my local Superdrug and came across some nail polish from a brand I had never tried before - 2true

And the colours were very pretty... and there was an offer on nail polish. And although I only came out with 2 of them, a couple days later I went back and got the other 3.

And yes last year I did have to ban myself from buying nail polish *blushes*

But anyway as I had bought them all I thought I might as well show you them. Now I had difficulty finding information on this particular line as what it says on the bottle does not seem to correspond with what it says on the brand website.

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right page but the photo is of the same polishes as I have it's just the blurb next to it doesn't match. The page says that they are '2true Pro Salon Shine Nail Polishes' in colours like baby pink and tangerine... doesn't match the picture though.

But anyway what it says on the bottle is '2true Pro Metallica Nail Polish as you can see in this photo:

L-R Athena, Aphrodite, Arete, Aglaia, Artemia
The first one I tried out was the pink one (Aphrodite) and to be honest I wasn't all that impressed at first. But I only did one coat the first time. It seemed pretty good coverage for one coat but after a day it looked tarnished (or something similar if that's not the right word).

So the next time I tried Athena and Aglaia - but this time with 2 coats which lasted longer (the photo isn't that great though):

L-R Aglaia, Athena, Aglaia, Athena
Then I decided to give the pink one another go but this time I teamed it with Artemis:

L-R Aphrodite, Artemis, Aphrodite, Artemis
And then the last one (Arete) ended up being test run on it's lonesome:

They are £4 each, which although I like them I'm not sure whether they are worth £4, given that Barry M's nail polishes are £2.99 and the 2true polishes aren't quite as good in my opinion. Which is why I'm glad I got them when they were on offer. But they are a nice selection of colours, given that most brands when it comes to metallic colours immediately go for gold and silver.

So 2true? Worth a look (their regular range only costs a couple of quid each), although you might want to wait until the 'Pro' stuff is on offer if you are not sure whether or not to try it.

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