Friday, 15 February 2013

We're All Mad Here

I can't remember if I mentioned my trip to Birmingham last year to attend the Birmingham MCM but I'm going again this year.

I went with my sister and we saw a lot of people in cosplay.

So this year when we decided to go again my sister immediately asked me if I was going to dress up. I ummed and aahed and then in the end thought 'what the hell?'

So we have decided to go as characters from the vidoe game Alice: Madness Returns. Well actaully we are going as two different versions of the title character - Alice! Alice: Madness Returns is a strange version of the Alice story - and very eepy-cray at times it is as well

Alice has various different dresses throughout the game and I'm going to be going dressed in the blue version - 'regular Alice'? I don't really know what that version is called. And my sister is going as what is known as 'London Alice'. ('Regular' Alice is on the left, 'London' Alice on the right)


Now at the moment all I have got finished is the pendant for the necklace - which I made from scratch I might add. I'm in the process of painting the knife (vorpal blade). I've started on the buckles for my boots, made pattern pieces for the apron, marked out where I need to shorten my dress to, and am in the process of working out how to get my petticoats to work - they are too short so I think if I tack one on to the other I should get the right length and the right amount of poof!

I've just got to get all that done before 16th March!

My sister said she was surprised at the amount of effort I'm putting in - well if I'm going to go dressed like a prat I might as well do it properly! It's all in the details.

I'll post photos as I get more of my outfit completed :)

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