Thursday, 20 December 2012

Random Thought #45 - You Wait Ages For An Advert To Come...

Given that it's nearly Christmas I thought I'd treat you with an extra random post this week (my regular Friday post will still come along tomorrow - although be warned it's not in quite the same spirit as this one). I say extra but for the second week in a row I've missed Teaser Tuesday due to Christmas card production. So technically this means you are getting the regularly advertised number of posts this week.

But anyway...

For me I never start to really feel that it's Christmas until I've seen the Coca-Cola advert on TV (watching on the internet wouldn't have counted). And although the internet assured me that it had been on TV since 10th November and other people assured me that they had seen it (it's not Christmas until I have seen it) I only saw the advert for the first time on 16th December. I clearly have been watching the wrong channel since November as after I saw the advert for the first time I then saw it another two times.

So in ninety minutes I saw it three times. You wait ages for a bus to come and then three come along at once. Well the same can now be said of adverts.

(If you haven't already seen this advert on TV then this doesn't count as the beginning of Christmas - you'll just have to watch more TV!)

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