Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas: I'll Be Glad When It's Over

If you are reading this then clearly the world has not ended so we'll carry on as normal...

In the Friday before last's post I talked about something (carol singers) that I included in my list for the Bah Humbug Blahgfest that I took part in last year.

Well this week I’m elaborating on another one. You can call me Scrooge if you want… but I happen to spend a lot more money than Scrooge ever did. Don't get me wrong I like Christmas... just not some of the people who you encounter during this time of year.
So anyway…

What is it about this time of year that turns people in to complete and utter morons (I may have to start another new category)?

Not only does the World and his dog crawl out of the woodwork and clog up the shops but they seem to loose the ability to walk down the street properly (presuming they had that ability to start with).

And they have no manners. You hold a door open or step to one side to let someone past and about 50% of the time you won’t even get a look of recognition let alone a thank you. Did they think the door opened itself? No, it didn’t. It’s just someone who’s still clinging on to their manners, who is now stuck holding the door open or wedged in to a corner as a tidal wave of people swarm past.

Then there are people who don’t seem to comprehend that the pavement (or whatever you are walking on) isn’t just for them. They do not own the pavement. There are other people using it. People who may be in a hurry. People who would easily be able to get past you if you could walk in a reasonably straight line, instead of meandering back and forth before stopping dead and causing a pile-up of pedestrians behind you.

It is at this time of year that I thank the gods of the internet for online shopping. So I can spend as little time in the actual shops as possible.

Granted that won’t be the case after Christmas – I love a good sale (I'm a natural born bargain hunter after all).

Another reason to look forward to life after Christmas!

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