Friday, 12 October 2012

Spring Cleaning in Autumn

The other day when I was favouriting yet more things on my blog reader of choice, I began to wonder just how many things I had favourited. And I was sure that there would be a few that could be unfavourited.

Well an hour later I had been though and unfavourited the ‘few’.

There was a lot. And I think I decided to keep less than half of them favourited.

The ones that went were all items that I said that I would read later and never did. Or ones that I saved so that I could show them to someone… that someone having seen them months ago and I continued saving them for no apparent reason.

And there were the projects that people had posted that I declared I would try… and never did.

There a handful of posts that I had kept to add new blogs to my reader… the blogger in question was moving blogs or starting something new… or whatever. And I had only just got around to resubscribing.

I think since the clearout I have favourited a ‘few’ more. But I’m trying to be more selective – the ones that I would normally save and never read read later I’m trying to read there and then.

In other news I’m thinking of rearranging my bedroom so that I can (you’ll never believe this) actually use my desk for its intended purpose. Bam bam bam!!!

I first got the desk to use as a dressing table (dressing tables are quite expensive). Then I inherited my Grandma’s dressing table (which it turns out was her Mum’s so it’s actually my Great Grandma’s dressing table) and the desk got shuffled around the room where it has been straining under the weight of all the random crap I stored on it.

Things like storage boxes, books, games, the plastic chest of drawers that used to have wheels on it.

I reckon if I move my bookcase (and my many many books) and sort through some of the mountains of rubbish I can pull the desk in to a position that I can actually sit at it. Then whatever crap is left can go in the corner that the desk came out of.

I think that sometimes, one of the reasons I don’t write/draw/craft as much as I would like to or should is because I haven’t got somewhere proper to sit and work.

However this grand move-around may have to wait until the workmen having finished re insulating the attic… otherwise I’ll have nowhere to dump all my stuff while I shift through it.

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