Friday, 19 October 2012

A Ban On Both Ye Shopping Addictions

When it comes to shopping I like to think that I control my spending quite well. As a natural born bargain hunter I tend to stick to sales and look for offers – I love a good bargain!

I try to customise things to make them my own, or make them fit better, or last longer. I’ll admit it is a very a bit of a tight squeeze in my wardrobe at the moment. But the pile of sewing/customisations is slowly but surely getting smaller.

I recently realised that there were two smaller ‘collections’ from my shopping life that were starting to grow quite considerable. Now they are the type of things that don’t take up too much room but I realised that it couldn’t go on forever. So I have instigated a ban on myself. Until I use some of them up I will not buy anymore.

The first of these ‘collections’ is lip balms. I have some I use regularly but I seem to keep buying new ones before I’ve used the others that I have.

So here are the lip balms I use regularly:

And here are the ones that I have waiting in the wings that I have yet to use.

Now the second of these collections is a little bit scarier. It is nail varnish. Long time visitors to my blog may recall my post about me having too many nail varnishes. Well my collection has changed and grown since then.

This photo refused to come out the right way round!

Now some of you might be thinking that that isn’t all that many nail varnishes. Well I haven’t finished yet. Those are just the nail varnishes that I have actually used and liked – the tried and tested group you might say. The nail varnishes that I own that I haven’t yet used on my nails is quite a bit bigger.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So until further notice I am no longer buying lip balms and nail varnishes.

However if other people want to buy them for me… well that’s a different matter entirely :P

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