Friday, 7 September 2012

Random Thought #42 - Autumn & Mars

Well this random thought is actually two random thoughts in one... and a reminder.

So the first of these thoughts.

Although it has been quite warm over the last week I have noticed a distinct chill in the air when I've left the house in the morning.

A chill that signals the beginning of Autumn.

It is also a chill that, for some unbeknown reason, gives me the urge to read some Stephen King. I don't know why... maybe it's because Halloween is in Autumn... or something... I don't know.

So on to the second thought. Now this one may have you thinking that I'm a bit silly.

But it's not my fault really...

So you may be aware that NASA recently landed the rover Curiosity on the planet Mars.

Well up until this point I had only ever seen photographs of space... or space from the Moon.

Which usually include a lot of... blackness...

So forgive me if I was a little bit 'surprised' when I saw the first Curiosity photographs from Mars that Mars has a sky!

And now for the reminder...

On Monday Laura Eno and friends are hosting the What's Your Chocolate blogfest! You still have time to sign up - just click the link!

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